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Since becoming a national award winning company we have been inundated with requests for mentoring sessions. Tim has already mentored a few people who have gone on to buy, renovate and run their own HMO’s. If you ‘d like to follow suit and learn some pearls of wisdom then read on…

What you can expect

One to one time with Tim. A tour of current properties in different stages of development. Advice on your strategy and how to achieve your goals. He specializes in building a highly profitable property portfolio in an affluent market and this is what he’ll be able to advise you on.

How it works

Each person is different and has different aims and requirements. We tailor the sessions to you, it is completely bespoke. Fill in the form below so we can have this discussion.

Create your own path

Tim can guide you along and make it a smooth journey, and avoid those dead ends!

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