Who are Strawberry Property?

We are a small team of warm-hearted friendly humans who like to find lonely tired properties and rejuvenate them into cosy elegant homes. We live and breathe Bristol and also used to heal it… being two GP’s. Now we heal houses!

Is property investment not risky? [-]

In the wrong hands potentially yes but in the right hands is a safe and low risk investment with potential for great returns. All investments have potential risks but so do most things in life. Call us to discuss further.

How much does this cost? [-]

Our mentoring service is completely bespoke and therefore a definitive price cannot be easily given. Please call to discuss this with Tim personally.

Will you mentor anybody? [-]

We will only take on people with drive, commitment and a huge desire to succeed. Tim does this for the enjoyment of seeing people learn and achieve their goals rather than simply for financial gains. We are careful to ensure that our relationship is likely to be right before agreeing to start mentoring. We only take on a very small number each year and only on a 1 to 1 basis.

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