Who are Strawberry Property?

We are a small team of warm-hearted friendly humans who like to find lonely tired properties and rejuvenate them into cosy elegant homes. We live and breathe Bristol and also used to heal it… being two GP’s. Now we heal houses!

Blackhorse....It was on its last legs..... not so now!

Number of months taken to renovate


Number of new steel beams


Number of fractured ribs :(


Thousands invested on renovation

So here is one of our latest houses we are getting ready for a whole new houseful of lovely tenants….. its nearly ripe and ready to burst 🙂  A photo summary of how it all started…… we take no responsibility for the poses of any builders …they will do that….the final push this week and they are totally working their butts off !!!…. a huge team of the hardest working people we know and we love them all 🙂 Thanks guys! x



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