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Unfortunately multiple occupancy houses tend to get a bad reputation. Shameless TV series spring into many people’s minds. To be honest I can see where this reputation comes from, as there are too many rogue landlords. This truly upsets us and excites us in equal measures. It upsets us that tenants in many shared house have to live in dreadful conditions and it upsets us that we are tarred with the same all encompassing reputation. It excites us that we in fact do the exact opposite and create high-end boutique shared houses that we can be proud of. It excites us because we have little competition in this part of the market and so can command good rental levels due to our high finish. People don’t mind paying if you give them their dream.

Our houses give tenants everything they need in a simple one-fee package so that they can arrive with a suitcase and move in. There is no arranging utilities, buying furniture, kitting out the kitchen or setting up the broadband in your new home. There is no concern when you move to Bristol that you wont meet like-minded people. We provide these environments for our tenants. We provide a full time manager and maintenance manager to ensure that everything just works.

Young professionals these days just want to enjoy their newfound freedom and live life after university.

Many landlords and property companies will set up bedsit type accommodation, which encourage people to segregate themselves off and not socialize. We strongly discourage this. We ensure our properties have a beautiful communal area that people will want to share. We want groups of people that will thrive in the in house community. We feel this brings us better and happier tenants.

In our latest project we have been converting a traditional 3 storey 3 bedroom family property into a 6 bedroom shared house. On this one we converted another bathroom and again converted a previous living room and dining room to give the extra 3 bedrooms as well as installing ensuites for that bit of extra refinement. After all this we still had a lovely regulation size kitchen/living space but we just felt it wasn’t quite right to make this house special. We decided to apply for planning permission to extend the side return kitchen area back into the garden and link up with the purpose built garage at the bottom of the garden. Weirdly this garage doesn’t fit a regular size car in so was used as storage only (I know don’t ask!).

Thankfully we got planning. This means we can almost double the shared space to a huge open plan kitchen/diner/living area with HD screen and extreme comfort.

We feel that its an initial extra expense but one worth paying for as we feel we will fill rooms easier, get better quality happier tenants as well as be able to charge higher rents for the rooms. It wont be long before the extra expense of the extension will be paid for over and over again. The look on the faces on viewings will also be priceless!

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