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Adding value at the Paintworks

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Maximizing unloved potential

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Blackhorse….. On its last legs…..

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Tim’s enthusiasm and knowledge has inspired me and my wife to take the leap into property. We have learnt so much from his experience and been lucky enough to go through our journey with the confidence Tim has been there to call on. His understanding of the Bristol market is fantastic and it has been great to understand to importance of every step in building your portfolio. I would thoroughly recommend Tim to help others through their property journey.

Power Teams are discussed a great deal in the property investment world, but it is not until you find great people to work with that you realise the vital importance of them. Tim and Klare have given us inspirational mentoring from the beginning of our property journey and we would not have made such good progress in our first year without their excellent guidance. As highly successful and active investors, Tim and Klare have cutting edge knowledge of the Bristol market: through their mentorship we have learnt to avoid the pitfalls made by amateurs and gained access to their network of other professionals. Above all, their infectious enthusiasm and desire to impart their knowledge has been a priceless asset.

I have known Tim for 6 years both as a professional colleague and as a friend. I have a high degree of respect for Tim and trust him absolutely, everything he does he gives100%, so when he told me about the property business he was setting up with his wife Klare I had no hesitation in offering to be an investor in the business, in fact I was one of their first investors. The business is doing very well and I am benefitting from a monthly interest payment, which was agreed and legally contracted from the outset. I intend to invest more funds in the future. Tim keeps me updated with what he is doing and encourages me to visit properties so that I can see what my money is helping to achieve. Tim and Klare have an ethical approach to the quality of accommodation that they provide for their tenants, this is an important factor for me in deciding to invest with them.

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    Chris Kay
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    James Hills
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    Nicole Montfort