Who are Strawberry Property?

We are a small team of warm-hearted friendly humans who like to find lonely tired properties and rejuvenate them into cosy elegant homes. We live and breathe Bristol and also used to heal it… being two GP’s. Now we heal houses!

Strawberry Property wins national award

We like to feel we are a modest bunch but when you win a national award its hard to not be proud isn’t it?

Our beloved directors are actively involved in the UK’s largest property investor network called PIN (Property Investor Network). This network has 52 meetings across the country on a monthly basis and links together thousands of investors in a supportive and educational basis. Tim helps run the Bristol PIN each month.

PIN also offers the highly regarded mastermind programme, which is an advanced year long programme which is like a university degree in all things property. If you want to be successful in property this is the place to be.

Tim and Klare were top performers on this programme and have since been in the national press (more on this in another blog!). In fact they produced some of the best results ever. Please see the trophy photo!

Very proud indeed